Sunday, April 3, 2011

Broken, and a cast doesn't heal this one..

Sometimes you look at your life and wonder where it is going. I did that when I was a teenager but never thought I would do that at the age of 25. I thought I had it all together. Sometimes you are blindsided by things that happen in your life, that you never saw coming, you think things are going so perfectly but little do you know you are hit head on with life and you have to totally reevaluate things completely in your life.  The people you thought you knew, you realize maybe you didn't know them at all. All trust is out the window. When you think you are a strong person that can handle anything, maybe you can't handle it all. When you feel you are giving your love and support to someone, it isn't enough. Because sometimes love just isn't enough. When that bond is broken, it is really hard to build it back up again. No matter how much you are hurting, it seems like it doesn't even matter. No excuse is good enough to purposely hurt someone you love over, and over.

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