Thursday, March 10, 2011

busy bee!

I feel like I have been so busy lately! Where should I start? We are 2 months down in the deployment, so that is some positive news. Of course we still have a while to go but we are doing the best we can! I've been trying to stay busy with Kinsley to make the time pass quickly and the days seem to pass quickly but the time that my lovely husband has been gone just seems to be dragging by. I took little Anna in to be spayed last week and poor thing still has to wear a cone on her head, but she did very well, I never thought I would be so nervous to take a dog in for a surgery! I'm glad we have doggy insurance on her because she is one expensive dog haha.
I am trying to get Kinsley into a preschool so she may be starting in April, I think it would be great for her. I am also trying to get her into swim lessons too, or some type of sports class I think she would enjoy it. I have been babysitting, and we have had doctors appointments, and  dealing with normal everyday errands. We miss Daddy so very much and can't wait until he comes home

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